In honour of National Women’s Month and National Breastfeeding Week, the focus has shifted on women’s health. Women have phenomenal bodily functions that enable them to be the magical beings they are. The strength a woman has is unprecedented, inspirational and downright admirable. Women also face a lot of judgement from society and are faced with unrealistic expectations, which begs the question, “when will women catch a break?” Well, according to society: not any time soon. This is why it’s important for women to have the know-how on how to stay healthy, have a balanced lifestyle and wellbeing.

“Some women, though, tend to forget that they deserve to care for themselves as much as the people they care for. Time has become a luxury that they can’t afford in going to the salon or working out in a gym. Despite the overwhelming responsibilities given to women, it is important that they should feel good about themselves.” – Jack Fleming.

Demanding lives don’t leave much room for much-needed downtime, but there are small things you can do during your day to keep your body relaxed and your mind healthy:

1. Get enough sleep

Prioritising your sleep is important for strengthening your immune system. Aim for 6-7 hours a night to feel rested and keep your immune system running.

2. Remember your tummy in the morning

Eating breakfast will give you more energy, help you concentrate better, and protect you from weight gain. If time is getting in the way of eating wholesome breakfasts, here are a few simple breakfast ideas:

  • Yoghurt with fruit
  • Wholegrain cereal with milk
  • Scrambled egg whites and rye toast
  • Vegetable omelette

3. Spend more time on your feet

Exercise is important for reducing the chances of developing chronic diseases, as well as improving mental health. If you don’t have time to slot in daily exercise, start by walking more and sitting less. A great first step is to park your car further and maybe even try using public transport.

If you still aren’t convinced about the importance of adding movement into your day-to-day life, here is a list of reasons why exercise is important for women, as well as more simple exercise tips.

4. Declutter, declutter, declutter

Create more space in your day and mind by getting rid of things that don’t contribute positively to your productivity, or relaxation. Decluttering can be as simple as organising your apps, clearing your desk or packing away that pile of laundry you never found a moment to do. The beauty of decluttering is that it frees up a lot of space in your mind to think and also allows you to exist in a calm and clear space.

5. Focus on self-love and self-care

Susan Bali, an astounding life coach, explains that activities that increase your health and happiness will help you be more effective and productive in every aspect of your life. You should try to encourage yourself to spend time with people who make you laugh and leave you feeling energised. If you can, make time for hobbies that relieve stress and fill you with passion and joy. After all, carving out and protecting that essential ”me time” is the key to de-stressing and unwinding.

6. Keep your values and goals in mind

What actually matters to you in life? Who matters the most to you? Whenever someone asks you to commit to something new (even if it’s just for one day or one hour), ask yourself if it fits with your most important values and goals, or if it will take time away from them.

You are a valued part of the universe and someone’s life. You may not get the “thank you” that you need and deserve, but there are people you love who appreciate you. Every month should celebrate women, because yes, you are all phenomenal and deserve the best. This is just a quick guide to put you in the position to prioritise yourself and your wellbeing. Do what makes you feel comfortable and feel your ultimate best.

Take care of yourself, you’ve earned it!






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