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Survival tactics for new moms

Dear Moms,

I am a mom of two riotous, super busy boys (both toddlers) – need I say more!

I thought I would share some ‘survival tactics’ with other moms, soon-to-be moms or, well, anyone out there who can relate. Here are some handy tips for the next time you have to appear in civilisation with your much-loved baby or toddler:

  1. Master the art of looking terrible, all the time… Gone are the days of wearing makeup and high heels. Wear sneakers. It’s much more comfortable, and also practical on the off chance your two year-old decides to play hide-and-seek in a busy shopping mall…
  2. Do not look at yourself in the mirror – you might get a fright and never leave your house again. This is bound to happen when your baby spoils you with an all-nighter – who knows, there might come a time when the bags under your eyes could be high fashion, until then I suggest avoiding mirrors.
  3. Give your kids blindfolds when passing through the very narrow aisle which leads to the shop tills (you know which shops I am talking about…).

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