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Frost & Sullivan recognises RecoMed for SA 2017 Innovation Leadership

We are proud to announce that RecoMed is the 2017 South Africa recipient for the Frost & Sullivan Customer Service Leadership Award in Healthcare Booking.

The award has been given for our excellence in applying new technology and timeless customer value principles to address both healthcare practitioners and patients’ service needs in a fast changing healthcare environment.

The prestigious Frost & Sullivan Product Leadership Awards acknowledge companies in various regional and global markets for exceptional leadership, technological innovation, customer service and strategic product development.
“RecoMed is very pleased to receive this award. We would never be able to achieve such a level of customer service if not for the constant feedback from our clients. While awards are fantastic and tell us we are on the right track, at the end of the day the only award we care about is happy customers. We’ll keep striving to redefine what it means to exceed expectations.
Sheraan Amod, Founder and CEO of RecoMed.
Healthcare Industry News/ RecoMed in the News/ Tech

HealthTech app, platform builders face legal hurdles in SA, hear delegates

Speaking at the seminar, Recomed founder Sheraan Amod (pictured above, centre) bemoaned the difficulty startups face in competing with established enterprises when it came to the cost of putting in systems to ensure ethical data use and confidentiality.

He said he knew of “R100-million lifestyle businesses” that were not following data rules and added that it appeared that there is little policing of data use. Esterhuyse however responded to say that it is in the ambit of the HPCSA to do so.

Recomed helps patients to book appointments with doctors and Amod said the platform now had 1500 providers listed on it, with 100 000 users accessing the platform per month, with on average 30 000 online appointments made a month.

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Survival tactics for new moms

Dear Moms,

I am a mom of two riotous, super busy boys (both toddlers) – need I say more!

I thought I would share some ‘survival tactics’ with other moms, soon-to-be moms or, well, anyone out there who can relate. Here are some handy tips for the next time you have to appear in civilisation with your much-loved baby or toddler:

  1. Master the art of looking terrible, all the time… Gone are the days of wearing makeup and high heels. Wear sneakers. It’s much more comfortable, and also practical on the off chance your two year-old decides to play hide-and-seek in a busy shopping mall…
  2. Do not look at yourself in the mirror – you might get a fright and never leave your house again. This is bound to happen when your baby spoils you with an all-nighter – who knows, there might come a time when the bags under your eyes could be high fashion, until then I suggest avoiding mirrors.
  3. Give your kids blindfolds when passing through the very narrow aisle which leads to the shop tills (you know which shops I am talking about…).

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hearX launches world-first diagnostic smartphone otoscope

A world-first smartphone otoscope, hearScope, will be launched on IndieGoGo on 1 August!
This is very exciting news for the hearX team as we continue to broaden our product ‘scope’ in the quest to provide healthy hearing for everyone, everywhere, with our clinically validated smartphone hearing test solutions.

To date the hearX Group has provided access to hearing healthcare to more than 70 000 people who would not normally have had this service, through our cost-effective, user-friendly smartphone technologies.

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Four unlikely ways universities prepare students for entrepreneurship

Giving people a chance and evaluating them purely on their merits is a huge factor in entrepreneurship, explains Sheraan Amod.

A while back I gave a talk at my alma mater to a group of students eager to learn about entrepreneurship. I always relish the chance to engage with students, who are so full of nascent potential and paths not yet travelled.

I decided to share some of the less common lessons to be learned at university, thinking back on my experiences as an electrical and computer engineering student, and later, as an internet and tech entrepreneur.

1. Demystifying complexity and learning anything

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Sanlam: RecoMed success story

This article was published by Sanlam in March 2017 as part of sharing young entrepreneur success stories as result of the Sanlam Enterprise Supplier Development programme. Sheraan Amod, CEO of RecoMed, has been chosen among a select few entrepreneurs to form part of this programme. 

You know that feeling when you wake up at 6 a.m. feeling like you have been hit by a train, only to experience frustration at having to wait until 10 a.m. to find out if you can get a doctor’s appointment. This is partly what prompted a young Cape-based entrepreneur, Sheraan Amod, to launch RecoMed – a website that points you to the nearest doctor who can see you immediately!

Well that – and the fact that more than one million doctor-related Google searches are made in South Africa every month – gave Amod an idea to connect doctors and patients quicker and, in the process, eliminate the need for patients to make numerous phone calls to different doctors’ rooms. His online platform enables people to make real-time bookings when they need to see a doctor.
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Why you need to know about FemiLift and what it can do for you

Let’s face it, as women we don’t like to discuss certain matters concerning our womanly parts. Especially if we experience some issues in that regard… But the truth is, one out of every five women do have issues “down there” and a shocking 90% of us choose to ignore it rather than having it treated. The good news is various non-surgical treatments exist. This article will look into the intricacies of FemiLift and what benefits it holds for a better lifestyle.

What is FemiLift?

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Recomed Tutorials

Delighting your patients: the rise of the experience economy

Last week saw the annual Customer Experience Management (CEM) summit at the brand new conference centre at Century City. RecoMed was proud to be one of the 440 delegates to join fellow professionals from across the country at Africa’s largest customer experience summit to address the rise of the customer experience economy.  

There’s no doubt managing the customer experience is the “new” golden pass – it’s been around for years, but only recently attracted the attention it deserves – to achieving customer loyalty and retention. The key here is to cultivate a consistent customer experience and brand persona throughout the entire organisation (as opposed to relying only on your customer service or front-end staff). What does all of this mean to medical practitioners? I included a couple of learnings below that apply:

Customer retention is five times easier than attracting new customers

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Health Tips

RecoMed Guide to Selecting your Dentist

Selecting a dentist for your family is important

Selecting a dentist for your family is important

It is something we dread every year, somewhere between the bi-annual teeth clean visits and possible cavities, going to the dentist is a nerve wracking experience. This experience is heightened if you’re seeing someone new and already in some pain.

At RecoMed, our goal is to make booking medical practitioner appointments as simple as possible. To help, we have enlisted one of our expert Dentists, Dr. Nihaal Gabier who operates in Claremont Cape Town, to provide some insight into what to look out for when choosing a dentist for you and your family:

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