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    Why you need to know about FemiLift and what it can do for you

    Let’s face it, as women we don’t like to discuss certain matters concerning our womanly parts. Especially if we experience some issues in that regard… But the truth is, one out of every five women do have issues “down there” and a shocking 90% of us choose to ignore it rather than having it treated. The good news is various non-surgical treatments exist. This article will look into the intricacies of FemiLift and what benefits it holds for a better lifestyle.

    What is FemiLift?

    FemiLift is the most advanced, non-invasive (here it comes!) vaginal rejuvenation technology currently available in Cape Town. It involves laser treatment (read: non-surgical) which can be done under 30 minutes and improves the functionality of the entire area. Sounds great, right?! Specific conditions that can be treated includes urinary incontinence, dryness of the area, prolapse and vaginal laxity. FemiLift technology truly is revolutionary and a first for Cape Town ladies, brought to you by the newly established Women’s Surgery Centre.

    What are the benefits of FemiLift?

    The benefits of FemiLift includes:

    • Safe and simple procedures for common female health conditions
    • Quick treatment sessions
    • Minimum downtime with no bleeding or pain
    • Easily integrated into feminine healthcare and lifestyle management

    How do I know if I need FemiLift?

    Have you experienced any of the issues mentioned earlier in this article, but you’re still unsure whether this treatment is the answer? We’ve got a checklist to help you determine if FemiLift is the right treatment for you, simply follow this link and scroll down to the checklist: www.womensurgery.co.za

    More about Women’s Surgery Centre

    Two of our trusted RecoMed clients, drs. Gary Groenewald and Natalia Novikova are leading specialists in laparoscopic (key hole or minimally invasive) gynaecological surgery as well as aesthetic gynaecology. Women’s Surgical Centre is their brainchild and is dedicated to providing holistic service to women with gynaecological issues. Two practices exist, one in Cape Town and the other in Claremont.

    If you are interested in learning more, head over to www.womensurgery.co.za or call 021 422 3318 (CPT)  / 021 671 0347 (Claremont) and don’t forget to book your appointment on RecoMed!

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    Delighting your patients: the rise of the experience economy

    Last week saw the annual Customer Experience Management (CEM) summit at the brand new conference centre at Century City. RecoMed was proud to be one of the 440 delegates to join fellow professionals from across the country at Africa’s largest customer experience summit to address the rise of the customer experience economy.  

    There’s no doubt managing the customer experience is the “new” golden pass – it’s been around for years, but only recently attracted the attention it deserves – to achieving customer loyalty and retention. The key here is to cultivate a consistent customer experience and brand persona throughout the entire organisation (as opposed to relying only on your customer service or front-end staff). What does all of this mean to medical practitioners? I included a couple of learnings below that apply:

    Customer retention is five times easier than attracting new customers

    Your customer (patient) should be the centre point of focus for each employee of your organisation (practice). Get personal, have a humanly brand and address their emotional need. It’s imperative for doctors to have sympathy with their patients, needless to say, but what else can be done to make the patient feel at ease and have a ‘wow’ experience? Exceeding expectations results in retaining customers which uses five times less effort than gaining new customers.

    60% of customer loss is due to bad service delivery

    You’re already delivering a service, so make sure you’re doing an excellent job while you’re at it. Give your customers a reason to talk about their (positive) experience, because your brand is only what customers tell each other it is. 92% of customers trust personal recommendations more than adverts or media reclaims.

    Obsess about your customer journey

    The customer journey starts long before the patient enters the waiting room and extends long after they leave. As a medical practitioner, have you thought about delivering a service even when you’re not face-to-face with your patients? In SA, millions of patients are searching for healthcare online each month. Is your practice listed online to meet those patients’ needs? RecoMed offers a one-of-a-kind solution to extend the service experience beyond the waiting room and meet patients online.

    It all comes down to thinking about your customers, the state of mind they are when they enquire about your service, during service, and after! How are you inspiring your patients? See how you can go the extra mile to ensure you are not merely providing a service, but actually delighting your customers.

    CSTONE CEMa LRB-8588

    Images captured by IphotoSA, courtesy of Cornastone. 

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    RecoMed Guide to Selecting your Dentist

    Selecting a dentist for your family is important

    Selecting a dentist for your family is important

    It is something we dread every year, somewhere between the bi-annual teeth clean visits and possible cavities, going to the dentist is a nerve wracking experience. This experience is heightened if you’re seeing someone new and already in some pain.

    At RecoMed, our goal is to make booking medical practitioner appointments as simple as possible. To help, we have enlisted one of our expert Dentists, Dr. Nihaal Gabier who operates in Claremont Cape Town, to provide some insight into what to look out for when choosing a dentist for you and your family:

    Find Recommended Dentists: RecoMed allows for a rating system for the different dentists in and around your area. Dr. Gabier suggests that, “Getting recommendations from others is a reliable way to find someone that delivers a good service and has a good bedside manner, both are equally important to you and your family’s care.”

    Area and Proximity: Selecting a dentist that is near to work or home is always good practice. In a case where you need multiple follow up appointments, the proximity of the location will be advantageous. The RecoMed system allows for patients to search for Medical Practitioner specialist by location with built in map functionality.

    Cost: “Which is scarier? The dental treatment, or the bill at the end?” Dental treatment can be very expensive, and will be a major factor in your decision making. Dr. Gabier suggest that before making an appointment check what rate the dentist charge, some may charge above medical aid rates, other may charge according to your medical aid rates but takes cash up front, while others accept medical aid. A good course of action would be to visit your medical aids website to see which dentists they work with, RecoMed also lists this information. Dr. Gabier also suggests that patients ask about cash discounts, in the case that the practice is willing to provide.

    What about my Children? Dr. Gabier suggests that if you are looking for a dentist for your children, to take care to find someone that will be patient and not rush procedures. Dr. Gabier continues, “A positive first visit will build a trusting relationship between the child and dentist and allows for dental work to be done with ease.” A further note; Remember to take your child for check-ups regularly, and don’t wait for your child to complain of toothache before visiting the dentist.

    Dr. Gabier has provided some excellent insight into selecting a dentist that is best for you and your family. Did this article help you at all? Did you find the right dentist for you and your family on RecoMed? Let us know in the comment section below!

    Dr. Nihaal GabierClaremont, Cape Town

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    Gynaecologist Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy

    There are an ever increasing number of patients on RecoMed. And large parts of that increasing numbers are pregnant women who book appointments with gynaecologists. So we have decided to compile a simple guide to a healthy pregnancy, with the help of a few of our RecoMed expert gynaecologists.

    Avoid Dangerous Substances
    Tobacco, alcohol, narcotics and non-prescribed medications are dangerous substances that can damage your baby during pregnancy.

    Gynaecologist, Dr. Allen Breeds from Boksburg, Sunward Park, Johannesburg, suggests that it is paramount to get a lot of rest during the day, and determine your hours of sleep required at night.

    Avoid Rushed Appointments with your Gynaecologist
    Dr. Henry John Burchell, operating in Camps Bay, Cape Town, has delivered more than 8000 babies in his career, although he no longer does active Obstetrics. Dr. Burchell suggests a reliable gynaecologist, who provides good care during your antenatal period. The antenatal period is to identify pregnancy risk and to decide the type of delivery of the fetus. Rushed appointments can hinder the process, and leave both the mother and her fetus at risk.

    Can you Exercise during Pregnancy?
    Provided there are no medical problems, you can exercise during pregnancy. This is according to Dr. Natalia Novikova, who works from Oranjezicht, Cape Town. Activities such as swimming, walking, spinning, weight-bearing exercise that do not involve the tummy of the mom-to-be, are safe during pregnancy.

    Dr. Novikova adds that you may continue exercise you were doing before pregnancy, but some adjustments need to be considered:
    • Do not overstretch. The levels of progesterone are high during pregnancy, which makes tissues lax, so overstretching may lead to injuries.
    • Avoid intense exercise. This will cause body temperature to rise, and at any stage of pregnancy, high body temperature is dangerous for the baby.
    • Running, jumping and aerobic exercise may have a negative impact on the pelvic floor of the mom-to-be, try to avoid these exercises.
    • In the second half of your pregnancy, make sure your back is tilted when lying down. During pregnancy your uterus compresses important vessels when you lie flat.

    Dr. Novikova concludes that exercises are great for your mental health, for your body and even for the baby’s growth. It will help to prevent diabetes and high blood pressure. Exercise will also keep you fit for child birth, which will help the process.
    You can find links to all our contributing doctors below, and can book an appointment with them via RecoMed. Keep following our blog to see more posts on ensuring a healthy pregnancy, and please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

    Dr. Natalia NovikovaOranjezicht, Cape Town
    Dr Allen BreedsBoksburg, Sunward Park, Johannesburg
    Dr. Henry John BurchellCamps Bay, Cape Town


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    The General Practitioner Guide to Colds and Flu Prevention


    It’s that time of the year again; the seasons are changing, and hay fever is beginning to affect many South African lives once again. To help prevent against infection, RecoMed have enlisted some of our top contributing General Practitioners to help provide you with some tips to fight off the flu in the changing weather.

    Our GP’s have gathered 4 main ways to decrease the chances of catching a cold or flu as we move from winter into spring.

    1. Get a Flu Shot

    This is paramount according to Dr. Thabo Mafa of Roodepoort, Johannesburg. The most commonly successful method for fighting flu and preventing an infection is to receive flu shot before major season changes.

    1. Exercise

    Dr. Wolfgang Waschnig of Eerste River, Forest Park, Cape Town recommends a healthy focus on exercise to help stave off symptoms of colds and flu. A healthy, physically fit body is less likely to be susceptible to infection.

    1. Eat Healthy

    Healthy eating habits, with a focus on balanced vitamin intake, are successful methods to avoid catching a cold. Dr. MD Rakumakoe from Mondeor, Johannesburg recommends a healthy balanced diet, and consuming a multi-vitamin supplement to help build resistance during the season change.

    1. Manage Stress and Maintain General Wellbeing

    Dr. D.M Navsa of Crawford, Cape Town, recommends a focus on general wellbeing in combination with the above suggestions. The impact of high stress on the immune system weakens the body to become susceptible to colds and flu. The doctor suggests a routine for managing stress levels, in order to strengthen the body, such as yoga or meditation.

    Stay healthy this spring with our guide to preventing colds and flu. If you are feeling a bit sick, do not hesitate to book and appointment with one of our many General Practitioner partners at RecoMed.


    General Practitioner Contributors:

    Dr. Thabo MafaRoodepoort, Johannesburg

    Dr. Wolfgang WaschnigEerste River, Forest Park, Cape Town

    Dr. MD RakumakoeMondeor, Johannesburg

    Dr. D.M Navsa Crawford, Cape Town