Selecting a dentist for your family is important

Selecting a dentist for your family is important

It is something we dread every year, somewhere between the bi-annual teeth clean visits and possible cavities, going to the dentist is a nerve wracking experience. This experience is heightened if you’re seeing someone new and already in some pain.

At RecoMed, our goal is to make booking medical practitioner appointments as simple as possible. To help, we have enlisted one of our expert Dentists, Dr. Nihaal Gabier who operates in Claremont Cape Town, to provide some insight into what to look out for when choosing a dentist for you and your family:

Find Recommended Dentists: RecoMed allows for a rating system for the different dentists in and around your area. Dr. Gabier suggests that, “Getting recommendations from others is a reliable way to find someone that delivers a good service and has a good bedside manner, both are equally important to you and your family’s care.”

Area and Proximity: Selecting a dentist that is near to work or home is always good practice. In a case where you need multiple follow up appointments, the proximity of the location will be advantageous. The RecoMed system allows for patients to search for Medical Practitioner specialist by location with built in map functionality.

Cost: “Which is scarier? The dental treatment, or the bill at the end?” Dental treatment can be very expensive, and will be a major factor in your decision making. Dr. Gabier suggest that before making an appointment check what rate the dentist charge, some may charge above medical aid rates, other may charge according to your medical aid rates but takes cash up front, while others accept medical aid. A good course of action would be to visit your medical aids website to see which dentists they work with, RecoMed also lists this information. Dr. Gabier also suggests that patients ask about cash discounts, in the case that the practice is willing to provide.

What about my Children? Dr. Gabier suggests that if you are looking for a dentist for your children, to take care to find someone that will be patient and not rush procedures. Dr. Gabier continues, “A positive first visit will build a trusting relationship between the child and dentist and allows for dental work to be done with ease.” A further note; Remember to take your child for check-ups regularly, and don’t wait for your child to complain of toothache before visiting the dentist.

Dr. Gabier has provided some excellent insight into selecting a dentist that is best for you and your family. Did this article help you at all? Did you find the right dentist for you and your family on RecoMed? Let us know in the comment section below!

Dr. Nihaal GabierClaremont, Cape Town