There are an ever increasing number of patients on RecoMed. And large parts of that increasing numbers are pregnant women who book appointments with gynaecologists. So we have decided to compile a simple guide to a healthy pregnancy, with the help of a few of our RecoMed expert gynaecologists.

Avoid Dangerous Substances
Tobacco, alcohol, narcotics and non-prescribed medications are dangerous substances that can damage your baby during pregnancy.

Gynaecologist, Dr. Allen Breeds from Boksburg, Sunward Park, Johannesburg, suggests that it is paramount to get a lot of rest during the day, and determine your hours of sleep required at night.

Avoid Rushed Appointments with your Gynaecologist
Dr. Henry John Burchell, operating in Camps Bay, Cape Town, has delivered more than 8000 babies in his career, although he no longer does active Obstetrics. Dr. Burchell suggests a reliable gynaecologist, who provides good care during your antenatal period. The antenatal period is to identify pregnancy risk and to decide the type of delivery of the fetus. Rushed appointments can hinder the process, and leave both the mother and her fetus at risk.

Can you Exercise during Pregnancy?
Provided there are no medical problems, you can exercise during pregnancy. This is according to Dr. Natalia Novikova, who works from Oranjezicht, Cape Town. Activities such as swimming, walking, spinning, weight-bearing exercise that do not involve the tummy of the mom-to-be, are safe during pregnancy.

Dr. Novikova adds that you may continue exercise you were doing before pregnancy, but some adjustments need to be considered:
• Do not overstretch. The levels of progesterone are high during pregnancy, which makes tissues lax, so overstretching may lead to injuries.
• Avoid intense exercise. This will cause body temperature to rise, and at any stage of pregnancy, high body temperature is dangerous for the baby.
• Running, jumping and aerobic exercise may have a negative impact on the pelvic floor of the mom-to-be, try to avoid these exercises.
• In the second half of your pregnancy, make sure your back is tilted when lying down. During pregnancy your uterus compresses important vessels when you lie flat.

Dr. Novikova concludes that exercises are great for your mental health, for your body and even for the baby’s growth. It will help to prevent diabetes and high blood pressure. Exercise will also keep you fit for child birth, which will help the process.
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Dr. Natalia NovikovaOranjezicht, Cape Town
Dr Allen BreedsBoksburg, Sunward Park, Johannesburg
Dr. Henry John BurchellCamps Bay, Cape Town