By: Leandra Booysens, Senior Editor at SA Media & Digital Holdings

Simon Sinek, the British-American motivational speaker, marketing consultant and author of four books including the 2009 bestseller Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action says, and I quote “Knowing your WHY gives you a filter to make choices, at work and at home, that will help you find greater fulfilment in all that you do.”

Simon says that the why-factor of every organisation is the primer to the make-up of that organisation — if an organisation, or even an individual, can find the WHY, they will fulfil their purpose and the purpose of the organisation. Moreover, he says everyone knows what they do, and they know how they do it but few people understand why they do what they do. Now, while we are on that note, allow me to share the following with you — I have been part of numerous groups, whether that be in school, university or at work, and I also know what it means to be a group leader, and in my opinion, not many people even know what they do, let alone why they do it.

I can confidently say, without the BS, that here at SA Media & Digital Holdings, we understand why we do what we do, and that is what keeps us relevant in an industry that is in a constant state of flux, and that has several internal and external factors that either directly or indirectly influence the running of the organisation. Hence, on this premise, we understand the nature of your practice and profession as well.

SA Media & Digital Holdings has two divisions — Med Suite Media and Retail Suite Media. However, speaking directly to your needs as a medical specialist, our Med Suite Media is specifically tailored to provide you with the latest developments/discoveries in the healthcare industry from a comprehensive arsenal of reliable sources. We understand the importance of healthcare, and why it’s important to keep abreast of changes that affect the industry.

Moreover, we are cognizant of the fact that time is money and your calling is demanding, so searching for and consuming all the news on your own steam is simply not an option, so we do it for you. The digital age is upon us, and we consistently work to enhance the content for you.

Now, we are not oblivious to the reality that we are exposed to thousands of bits of information per second, every single day of our lives, and as a media industry, we understand the frustration of information-overload. For this reason, we are particularly selective with the content that we source so that we produce monthly publications that include media that is both relevant and informative. However, we do not throw in the “we’ve been doing this for many years, and that is why we are trusted in the industry” because, in the rapidly evolving world that we live in, warped by technological advancements, we know that age is nothing but a number — the number of years that you have been doing something does not necessarily solicit trust.

What makes an organisation great and often times trustworthy is their ability to adapt to change while not losing the why-factor.

That last point leads to this: if you know the why the what and how are complementary to the advancement of the why. This is what I mean — the media industry has experienced in great leaps and bounds, an almost instant change within a short period of time; from being predominantly print media to being predominantly digital. Our Med Suite Media publications have always been digital.

On that note, we have 17 niche publications in our medical suite that are specific to 17 different specialities. Each publication is distributed to our database on a monthly basis. However, just having articles available digitally was not enough, especially with the advent of video content. For this reason, we have taken advantage of the digital space by incorporating a variety of mediums to communicate with our readers.

Another feature in our publications is the categories. We have different categories for different subject matter because not all the information that we include in each publication is a research report, for instance. Our categories include but are not limited to:

  • Speciality
  • Research Reports
  • Practice Points
  • Latest Pharmacy News
  • Big Pharma
  • Tech Med
  • News Reviews
  • Events
  • Contacts

In conclusion, we offer a service to both medical specialists and healthcare suppliers by delivering relevant, high-quality information that is optimized for convenience in the form of desktop and mobile viewing.

For more information, and to subscribe to any of our publications, please visit our website: or call us on 011 789 2112.