Over 80% of women and 10% of men worry about cellulite. Several different factors cause cellulite the list includes hormones, genetics, diet, lifestyle factors such as smoking and not exercising and even tight clothing that limit blood flow.


We compiled a list of 4 healthy snacks that can help fight the appearance of cellulite. Here they are:

1.) Sardines

Sardines and other fatty fish (salmon, tuna, cod, mackerel and oysters) are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, which help to regulate estrogen levels in your body. By reducing estrogen in your body there is a reduction in the breakdown of collagen a reduction in the amount of cellulite causing toxins. Eating more sardines will help keep your skin soft, pliable and supple.


2.) Lemons

 Drinking lemon water helps clean out your liver and that in turn lowers your estrogen levels and reduces the appearance of cellulite. The Vitamin C found in lemons and other citrus fruits can also help promote skin elasticity and help rebuild and repair your skin preventing the appearance of cellulite.


3.) Red Wine

Drinking wine is a good way to fight off cellulite. Recent studies have revealed that resveratrol; a compound normally found in red wine has anti-aging benefits. Resveratrol in red wine is effective at blocking two of the enzymes that promote the breakdown of collagen and helps keep your skin fresh, hydrated, tight and collagen free.


4.) Green Tea

Benefits of green tea are widely known to include keeping your body and skin in good condition. According to studies carried out; the antioxidants found in green tea prevent the occurrence of cellulite. Additionally there is a strong correlative link between green tea and weight loss.