Let’s face it, as women we don’t like to discuss certain matters concerning our womanly parts. Especially if we experience some issues in that regard… But the truth is, one out of every five women do have issues “down there” and a shocking 90% of us choose to ignore it rather than having it treated. The good news is various non-surgical treatments exist. This article will look into the intricacies of FemiLift and what benefits it holds for a better lifestyle.

What is FemiLift?

FemiLift is the most advanced, non-invasive (here it comes!) vaginal rejuvenation technology currently available in Cape Town. It involves laser treatment (read: non-surgical) which can be done under 30 minutes and improves the functionality of the entire area. Sounds great, right?! Specific conditions that can be treated includes urinary incontinence, dryness of the area, prolapse and vaginal laxity. FemiLift technology truly is revolutionary and a first for Cape Town ladies, brought to you by the newly established Women’s Surgery Centre.

What are the benefits of FemiLift?

The benefits of FemiLift includes:

  • Safe and simple procedures for common female health conditions
  • Quick treatment sessions
  • Minimum downtime with no bleeding or pain
  • Easily integrated into feminine healthcare and lifestyle management

How do I know if I need FemiLift?

Have you experienced any of the issues mentioned earlier in this article, but you’re still unsure whether this treatment is the answer? We’ve got a checklist to help you determine if FemiLift is the right treatment for you, simply follow this link and scroll down to the checklist: www.womensurgery.co.za

More about Women’s Surgery Centre

Two of our trusted RecoMed clients, drs. Gary Groenewald and Natalia Novikova are leading specialists in laparoscopic (key hole or minimally invasive) gynaecological surgery as well as aesthetic gynaecology. Women’s Surgical Centre is their brainchild and is dedicated to providing holistic service to women with gynaecological issues. Two practices exist, one in Cape Town and the other in Claremont.

If you are interested in learning more, head over to www.womensurgery.co.za or call 021 422 3318 (CPT)  / 021 671 0347 (Claremont) and don’t forget to book your appointment on RecoMed!