Cape Town, August 2018


Solumed, a dynamic healthcare practice management software company, is proud to announce the API-based integration of RecoMed’s online booking platform and health marketplace offering into Solumed’s new product, Solumed Pro. Solumed Pro has been built with the latest technology, enabling a range of capabilities such as efficient practice billing, patient management, and clinical record capturing. Solumed Pro combined with RecoMed is extremely user-friendly with a fresh aesthetic and the ability to adapt to a wide variety of healthcare practices.

RecoMed is the largest and fastest growing health booking platform and marketplace in South Africa that allows patients to find and book appointments with healthcare providers. RecoMed was identified as an ideal complementary partner due to its proven expertise in understanding the digital patient journey.

The RecoMed and Solumed Pro offering place health practitioners and their practices online for patients to easily find and book appointments in real-time, 24/7. These appointments are seamlessly integrated into the Solumed Pro calendar, enabling easy and straightforward workflow for the practice. Practitioners will also be listed on RecoMed’s online and industry partner channels to gain additional exposure, and in turn, increase patient visits by maximizing their accessibility and visibility.

Following the successful completion of the integration pilot phase, the Solumed/RecoMed integration is now available to more than 1000 medical, dental, radiology and allied healthcare practices throughout South Africa at the start of August 2018.

“The integration allows patients to make appointments at times when it is convenient for them, often when the practice is closed.” Says Solumed director Saul Jankelow

Second Line Support Consultant, Russell Milner, expresses that the synergy and efficiency of the new offering is revolutionary. “It is a lot simpler and less time consuming than booking over the phone. Doctors love the way RecoMed markets their practices across many platforms. It is real value for money since not only does it increase practice revenue, but it also makes everyone’s life easier.”

Doctors can have access and manage the calendars from anywhere in the world at any time of the day or night.

Prospective patients like how you can view the doctor’s profile as well as other people’s experiences at the practice. “Just the fact that I am presented with a picture of the doctor, enhances my trust and I will be more comfortable booking an appointment. I believe this is the best product on the market and I would recommend it to all doctors.”

Solumed and RecoMed are dedicated to forming long-term partnerships with health providers by delivering exceptional support and service that helps them grow. RecoMed’s CEO and founder, Sheraan Amod expresses that “The feedback from patients has been very positive and most now use this as their sole solution for booking a consultation. The system works, and I invite all healthcare practitioners to put us to the test.”


About Solumed

Solumed Pro is used by more than 1000 medical, dental, radiology and allied healthcare practices throughout South Africa and internationally since 1987. The system boosts income through efficiency in practice management and collections. The program is both account and patient-centric allowing for easy access to either patient or account details as may be relevant for the task at hand.

Solumed has features tailored for specific needs of Dentists, Orthodontists, Physiotherapists, Anesthetists, Optometrists, Surgeons, Veterinarians, Dispensing Doctors and Radiologists. It handles the full scope of practice management from appointment booking administration, appointment reminders, account and clinical notes, documents, tariff billing and medical aid submission and receipt of payments. Reports for accounting purposes, as well as referral and diagnosis analyses, are easily generated.

About RecoMed

RecoMed is South Africa’s largest and fastest growing online health booking platform and marketplace. Their mobile-friendly platform helps patients quickly find and conveniently make appointments with quality healthcare providers, 24/7, without any phone calls or paperwork. RecoMed gives healthcare professionals a proven way to cultivate and expand their practices while improving the overall patient experience. Over 100,000 patients and 1,500 providers connect with each other every month via RecoMed.

RecoMed has grown to become the leading industry solution, adopted by the likes of Clicks, Discovery, Medicross and others.