There is no one-size-fits-all solution when deciding which medical aid to pick. Listed below 3(three) questions you should ask before choosing a medical aid plan:

1.) How much do you want to spend a month?

Healthcare is expensive; the biggest challenge people encounter is finding a medical aid scheme that they can afford, this will invariably depend on your budget and how much you can afford to pay for health care on any given month. Additionally, there must be an understanding that going for the cheapest cover is not often the wisest route to go. More often than not cheaper plans have more restrictions and this could result in you compromising your health to get a few extra rand in your wallet.


2.) What is the current state of your health?

It is important to find a medical aid with a health care option that best meets your specific personal requirements. Although by law all medical schemes are required to cover diagnosis, treatment and car for 25 common chronic diseases (Prescribed Minimum Benefits-PMB), chronic benefits and health cover may differ between medical aid plans and, depending on your state of health, it is important to look at different medical aid plans when choosing a medical aid.


3.) Is the medical aid financially sound?

At some stage, after paying your premiums consistently you might need your cover to pay out. To ensure that you do not encounter unnecessary hustles during this process you have to ensure that your medical aid is financially solvent. You can do your own research by looking up the latest financial statements and annual reports of the scheme in the Council of Medical Schemes’ (CMS) annual report or directly from the medical aids.

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