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Four unlikely ways universities prepare students for entrepreneurship

Giving people a chance and evaluating them purely on their merits is a huge factor in entrepreneurship, explains Sheraan Amod. A while back I gave a talk at my alma mater to a group of students eager to learn about… Continue Reading →

Sanlam: RecoMed success story

This article was published by Sanlam in March 2017 as part of sharing young entrepreneur success stories as result of the Sanlam Enterprise Supplier Development programme. Sheraan Amod, CEO of RecoMed, has been chosen among a select few entrepreneurs to… Continue Reading →

eNCA: Maggs on Media interview

CEO, Sheraan Amod, was interviewed by Jeremy Maggs on the Maggs on Media television programme on eNCA where he shared his vision for RecoMed and how it can make people’s lives easier. Click here to view the broadcast of this interview…. Continue Reading →

Why you need to know about FemiLift and what it can do for you

Let’s face it, as women we don’t like to discuss certain matters concerning our womanly parts. Especially if we experience some issues in that regard… But the truth is, one out of every five women do have issues “down there”… Continue Reading →

Delighting your patients: the rise of the experience economy

Last week saw the annual Customer Experience Management (CEM) summit at the brand new conference centre at Century City. RecoMed was proud to be one of the 440 delegates to join fellow professionals from across the country at Africa’s largest… Continue Reading →

RecoMed Guide to Selecting your Dentist

It is something we dread every year, somewhere between the bi-annual teeth clean visits and possible cavities, going to the dentist is a nerve wracking experience. This experience is heightened if you’re seeing someone new and already in some pain…. Continue Reading →

Gynaecologist Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy

There are an ever increasing number of patients on RecoMed. And large parts of that increasing numbers are pregnant women who book appointments with gynaecologists. So we have decided to compile a simple guide to a healthy pregnancy, with the… Continue Reading →

Your General Practitioner’s Guide to Colds and Flu Prevention

A short, simple guide on the best methods to defend yourself from colds and flu. Provided by some of RecoMed’s General Practitioner partners.

You are 31.84% more likely to book a doctor appointment during winter

Using our data insights, Recomed has observed that people are 31.84% more likely to book a doctor appointment during the three winter months of June, July and August,

4 healthy snacks to help fight the appearance of cellulite

Over 80% of women and 10% of men worry about cellulite. Several different factors cause cellulite the list includes hormones, genetics, diet, lifestyle factors such as smoking and not exercising and even tight clothing that limit blood flow.   We… Continue Reading →

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